Serving Candidates and Employers In Many Careers
Supporting Up To 300 Dental Offices In Northeast Ohio
Staffing Top 500 Corporations in Administration, Legal, Accounting And Many Others
Companies Like
Stouffer Foods
Sherwin-Williams Corporation
Jones-Day Law Offices
The Astrup Company
Lincoln Electric
Huntington Bank
Bard International
Advanced Lighting
Nestle Corporation
Spin-Brush Electric Toothbrush Company
Penton Media
The Telephone Credit Union
Ford Motor Credit
Reliance Electric
SYSCO Systems
BenVenue Labs
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Glidden / ICI Paints
Wells Fargo Mortgage
STERIS Corporation
Ernst & Young



Employers shouldn’t!   E.D.G.E. Superior Staffing offers employers an exclusive "Money-Back* Guarantee! " 

Agencies, blast out resume’s to numerous companies whether the candidate is a fit or not. This ageless concept, has conditioned human resource managers at companies and candidates alike, to believe - that’s how it works!

That is not how it works at E.D.G.E. !

Common Agencies don’t extensively spend time defining the job description or carefully matching it to the candidate, often because they don’t have qualified experts - which puts all the risk on the employer!

Common staffing providers talk-the-talk to employers, but don’t have the personnel to qualify the job-seeking candidate, or to deeply understand the importance of the job description that applies. The Staffing industry in itself, is full of personnel that never worked in the field to understand the job description.

E.D.G.E. Superior Staffing does things differently - and because of that, we take all the risk.

In our candidate searches at E.D.G.E., we are only searching for candidates in the top twenty percentile of their industry. Our unmatched screening protocol allows us that advantage. We then, can support the employer better and back up our effort with our guarantee.

The other eighty percent of the workforce is what conventional agencies use to fill job orders. If we can’t supply a qualified candidate in the top percentile, we won’t fill the order!

At E.D.G.E. - we feel that any product or service provider, that doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee, is risky.   If we find a candidate that is less than what our criteria demands,then they’re not qualified to be placeed at our client companies.  

In  addition, when we have a great candidate for placement, we wouldn’t risk their confidence in us, by sending them on to a company, that wasn’t a match of what they expect. We’re not in the “body-count business” like other agencies. Our goal is to satisfy both the employer and the candidate, for a long lasting outcome.