Serving Candidates and Employers In Many Careers
Supporting Up To 300 Dental Offices In Northeast Ohio
Staffing Top 500 Corporations in Administration, Legal, Accounting And Many Others
Companies Like
Stouffer Foods
Sherwin-Williams Corporation
Jones-Day Law Offices
The Astrup Company
Lincoln Electric
Huntington Bank
Bard International
Advanced Lighting
Nestle Corporation
Spin-Brush Electric Toothbrush Company
Penton Media
The Telephone Credit Union
Ford Motor Credit
Reliance Electric
SYSCO Systems
BenVenue Labs
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Glidden / ICI Paints
Wells Fargo Mortgage
STERIS Corporation
Ernst & Young



E.D.G.E. will do everything you expect and we'll put your career first. Your satisfaction is our top priority for you.

If you know where a job is and you want it, we will get it for you - even if its not advertised by us here at E.D.G.E.. At E.D.G.E. - we believe that a candidate with representation from a superior agency with our reputation to back you up, greatly increases your ability to be hired.  

If there is a company you have the desire to work for, we’ll get you there - even if they aren’t advertising an opening. Many of our clients don’t run ads - they simply hire us to find them top-level guarantee-able talent.

We do all the work for you at no-cost to you!  With your “Personal Agent Advantage” at E.D.G.E., we’ll arrange the interview for you, with our reputation backing you up!

Before we ask a candidate for a resume, we let you see ours first.

Look at our resume'. We have represented only the finest companies and our company success is here on our website for you to see.

We are confident that when you see our resume - then you’ll know we’re a greater agency with opportunities for you.  We are as diligent at selecting companies for our candidates as we are about selecting candidates for our client companies.

Once you’re satisfied with our resume - send us yours.

We offer you - the candidate - exclusive incentives and advantages to get you hired - that are non-existent from any employment staffing agency.

If you are unemployed, we have another advantage not offered by any state or local hiring source or staffing agency.

Regardless of your current employment status, we have the most qualified staff to represent you in the employment business.   E.D.G.E. Superior Staffing is your advantage!

Better employers want pre-screened high-grade applicants that are worth investing the resources to find them.

At EDGE - we condense the applicants based on our unique 'Job Description Definition Process'.  This allows for a better match and that gives employers a big advantage and saves them valuable time to reach a decision when the perfect candidate is interviewed.

Additionally for the candidate - we screen the open positions and condense the companies that actually fit the candidate, to give the candidate an advantage to be interviewed and hired.  This process provides outstanding results for both the candidate and the employer.

Since our evolutionary experiment at the inception of E.D.G.E. in 1998, we’ve provided better employers, superior candidates, with nearly unheard-of employee quality, which allows them to make a confident decision quickly.

Our unique advantage in representing you, gives E.D.G.E. candidates the most advantaged opportunity to get hired.

Don’t allow your resume to get lost among thousands of others on resume posting boards. Get immediate direct assistance from our staff. Have one of our 'Personal Agents' work for you.

Nearly every company would rather see a candidate that is represented by E.D.G.E. - that comes attached with our guarantee, to insure the candidate is a perfect match.  You will be represented as exactly that, when we send our clients, your qualifications, meeting their expectations and yours!