E.D.G.E.  Superior Staffing

                     Where Better Employers Are Connected To Superior Employees



       A Full Service Employment Agency Serving All Areas Of Northeast Ohio

              Exceeding Expectations Of The Employer And The Candidate! 


The Candidates (See Our Candidates Page)

If you are a candidate searching for the better employer, your advantage to be represented by E.D.G.E. is significant, as we uniquely match your skills with a better company that is searching for the better employee.

 At EDGE - we only represent the top-rated companies based on our specific background research standards of employer ratings. They also include ratings by our process of the actual employees that are employed within those companies.  (See a few examples of the type of companies E.D.G.E.  serves, scrolling on our Clients Page)

 We consistently match better candidates, with employers who understand the value of a more productive employee and the cost-effective outcome that goes with it.  At EDGE - the candidates we represent become an asset to our clients!  (Go to our Candidates link above and click on "Send Resume", )

If you are unemployed or under-valued in your current position and want to improve your career, EDGE will connect you with the better employer!  Contact us in confidence - at no risk to you. We've changed the expectations of the employer and the candidate, since 1998.


The Client Company  (See Our Clients Page)

The reason businesses hire EDGE, is because we are known to extract only the best candidates that excel in their perspective fields, who clearly stand out amongst their peers.   Those companies, have made a commitment to bring on-board, only those EDGE candidates, in the top twenty percentile of their skill level, of which EDGE provides.

EDGE consistently attracts and locates an up-to-the-minute inventory of candidates in the top 20% of their field, who are searching for the right opportunity with a better employer through the advancing EDGE process.  

Better employers, who care what their employees want, leads to higher engagement, higher productivity, and higher retention.  Companies recruiting through EDGE, expect that result. 

For any conventional agency to go as far as E.D.G.E. does in searching for the candidate that matches a job description perfectly, those agencies have to understand what it takes to accomplish the "high-return" search result, that is good enough to offer the employer a No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee!  Only E.D.G.E. Superior Staffing does this for our clients.  Those agencies without guarantees, are essentially putting all the investment risk on the employer!  

During our early development in 1998, the founders of EDGE listened to and interviewed countless employers - that wanted more from the world of employment agencies - and those results, were what created EDGE Superior Staffing, with our premise.